Friday, February 27, 2009

OSF: When I Was in 10th Grade

This week's theme is "When I was in the 10th Grade". Let's see, what do I CARE to share about my 10th grade years....I guess to truly depict those days of mine, I'd have to reveal a few of my sides.

The first being: The Romantic. I absolutely loved, loved this song. Everytime it came on the radio (or Video Soul *smile*), the room had to go silent so that the proper amount of respect was shown and I could soak it all in. Truth be told? I still love this jam...

Next, my 10th grade year brought about a lot of classroom distraction. Believe it or not, it wasn't the boys doing the distracting (yet). My love for music did the trick. My friends and I would sit in the back of the classroom trying to sing and harmonize songs by none other than En Vogue. Yes, we attempted the breakdown...who didn't?

Then of course, one of the best ways to sum up my 10th grade year would be with the dancing. If there was a dance (didn't matter which school was hosting it), we were there. Of course, we'd get our little moves together beforehand. Those were the days when one need some room on the dance floor. Here's a little "Too Legit To Quit". I know, pretty shameful now...but back in the day....that was the jam that flooded the floor.

I think I'd just better leave it at a blessed OSF! Until next time...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

At the Post Office

Dear Viewers,

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and saw the complete opposite of how you've been living? It's weird, because when I look in the mirror, I see who I want to be. I see a woman of strength, compassion, love, charity, wisdom, grace and beauty. Yet the life I live does not seem to reflect the same things that my reflection projects. I see women of all types, shapes and sizes walking around and looking as though they have it all together. And I have to wonder, "Is it just me?". Am I the only one (or at least in a minority of women) unable to tap into and dwell within her majestic greatness? Then it dawned on me. I can't grasp what I want while using both hands to cling to what I think I need. I need to take a long deep look at what is standing between myself and my crown, remove them and (re)claim what is meant to be mine.


Woman in the Mirror

At the Post Office

Dear Anonymously Yours,

I can feel you flapping your wings; wanting to be free - you want to fly. Don't worry, you will be free soon

I can feel your tears as they flow over the edges of my heart - Don't worry, you will be free soon…

I can feel the echos of your anger as you shout - enraged by my cowardly decisions. Don't worry, you will be free soon.

I can feel your hunger pains. You hunger for life. I see you dancing, running, helping. I see you. Don't worry, you will be free soon.

I am growing tired. Releasing you scares me; but keeping you restrained weakens me…

Don't worry, you will be free soon.


Your Keeper

Friday, February 6, 2009

OSF: Songs by New Edition or members of New Edition

It's Old School Friday and I'm back....I hope *smile* What a way to come back!!! The selection this week is *drum roll* "songs by New Edition or members of New Edition". How does one choose??? Well, after laughing, dancing and singing along to my favorite New Edition jams, I settled upon three.

I'm going to start you all off with the song that first made me fall in love with this boy group:

Ok, I isn't very romantic. Hey, I was a baby then. But when they made that train with their arms, it.was.OVER!!!

Now, I loved this next jam by Mr. Ralph Tresvant. The memories on this one. . .hahaha....those were the days when the boys used dedications to "express" themselves. You know? Before we became "shawties". . .

And last but not least, I have to wrap it up with ABC. These little boys put it down!! I can still jam to this. I'm sure my kids probably wish I wouldn't; but they don't know anything about this...

Until next time folks....enjoy your week and be blessed!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

At the Post Office

Dear People of Judgement:

Through rose-colored glasses, I view the world and realize that pain is the same color without them. I see that cause and effect still exist and that life is a collection of choices. I wear my glasses in search of a different perspective. It doesn't mean that I am naive to the real colors around me. It doesn't mean that I'm trying to escape them. I, like many, am looking for the alternative. In doing so, I may stumble upon truths that the harsh digestion of reality would keep me from. In other instances, the bright red warning signs may appear softer and less threatening - thus impacting my judgement. Either way, I move forward - observing, listening and learning. Sometimes, I feel I understand more than I should. Yet, I walk the fields of battle with my heart completely exposed. Could it be the glasses that make me so careless? Why would anyone subject themselves to so much that is potentially harmful with every vital part left unguarded. Is it a subconscious attempt to self-destruct? Misplaced trust that someone will run up, protect and guide them safely from the battleground? Or are they trying to protect themselves from becoming numb to it all. When you are numb, you can't feel. Is it safer that way? My experience shows that pain or love somehow always manages to seep through. It doesn't matter how strong the wall is.


A Single Tear