Sunday, February 1, 2009

At the Post Office

Dear People of Judgement:

Through rose-colored glasses, I view the world and realize that pain is the same color without them. I see that cause and effect still exist and that life is a collection of choices. I wear my glasses in search of a different perspective. It doesn't mean that I am naive to the real colors around me. It doesn't mean that I'm trying to escape them. I, like many, am looking for the alternative. In doing so, I may stumble upon truths that the harsh digestion of reality would keep me from. In other instances, the bright red warning signs may appear softer and less threatening - thus impacting my judgement. Either way, I move forward - observing, listening and learning. Sometimes, I feel I understand more than I should. Yet, I walk the fields of battle with my heart completely exposed. Could it be the glasses that make me so careless? Why would anyone subject themselves to so much that is potentially harmful with every vital part left unguarded. Is it a subconscious attempt to self-destruct? Misplaced trust that someone will run up, protect and guide them safely from the battleground? Or are they trying to protect themselves from becoming numb to it all. When you are numb, you can't feel. Is it safer that way? My experience shows that pain or love somehow always manages to seep through. It doesn't matter how strong the wall is.


A Single Tear


SjP said...

Been missing you...glad to see you back...pray all is well as you move forward...

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

Thank you SJP. It's definitely been a journey. One that I'm still on...but I'm back *crosses fingers*. Thank you for the prayer...I receive it.