Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Voice From the Battlefield

Initially, when I got the idea to begin this blog, I had a specific purpose in mind. I will refrain from specifying what that purpose was because it is no longer relevant. I decided not to limit my topics of discussion by labeling this blog. I will say this, you will most likely find a multitude of things here. You may find poetry, rants and raves, questions that boggle the mind, testimony, a cry for help, news, jokes, politics, etc.

Now, please keep in mind: I don't declare myself to be one that has "arrived" and mastered life. Sometimes, I may provide a piece of advice or a thought that I struggle with. I'm sure you are familiar with the term "easier said than done". This is why I decided to name this blog "From the Battlefield". Everything that I have to offer and express comes not from a place that is higher than you. It doesn't come from an outsider looking in. It comes from a sister that is standing beside you, on the battlefield. . .