Saturday, May 31, 2008

Money Matters Part 1

Ok, there comes a time in a woman's life where she has had all that she can take and can do nothing else but throw her hands straight up in the air and scream! Well, I have finally reached that point. With every price going up and salaries remaining dormant, what is a woman, a family, and/or single mother to do. It's as simple as this: Get-Your-Money-Straight! This is the point I have finally reached. This is not going to be easy because it will take a certain amount of climbing and discipline. The same discipline that I've decided to leave rotting on a shelf covered with all of the deferred gratification that I carelessly threw over it.

The depth of this hole I now have to climb out of is overwhelming and discouraging; but, I know I can't be alone. So, I decided to start a book club on this blog. The first book is appropriately titled "Girl, Get Your Money Straight" by Glinda Bridgforth. Now, I'm not looking for this book to provide me with some magic spell that will solve all of my financial issues. Instead, I am looking at it as a guide and reference to help me START my journey. If you'd like to join the club in reading this book, click on the title that is located on the right-side of this blog to get your copy.

Periodically, you can look forward to future posts regarding the contents of the book along with money saving ideas and tips that I will be researching on the side. Feel free to join in by contributing your own thoughts and tips. It's time we started to own our power, one penny at a time. Let's get started. . .