Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How Do You Love a Black Woman

I have read several blogs discussing "sexualizing American girls".
Although I will eventually address this topic, I could not articulate or report the situation any better than these two blogs already have:

What Tami Said


What About Our Daughters

At a time when the image and identity of black women are being tainted, attacked and misconstrued, I would like to post one of my favorite poems written by Patrick H. Porter Jr. It is entitled "How Do You Love a Black Women". He wrote this poem years ago. It contains a word and a message that I think many males and females will find refreshing. Thank you Patrick for sharing your gift with those on the battlefield.

Enjoy. . .

How Do you Love A Black Woman

How do you love a Black Woman

You love her with all you have inside

Never neglecting her emotions

To protect your own foolish pride

You love her with your heart

You love her with your soul

How do you love a Black Woman

You love her till the days old

For she’s like a rose

Blowing softly in the wind

Soft, smooth, and gentle to the touch

And full of mystery within

When you kiss her lips

Kiss deeper to her heart, her soul

And tell her constantly

Your love for her will grow neither tired, nor old

Like a rain drop

No Black Woman is exactly the same

Like the rain that woman

Brings to life many of things

The nectar of the rain

Feeds the young plants that have sprung

As the Breast of a Black Woman

Provides life, and nectar to the kings, and queens to come

For she is a queen

Our queen, to rule by our side

For without our child-bearing queen

Our black kingdom would surely die

As strong as a raging river

As beautiful, and majestic as a waterfall

With feelings as deep, and mysterious as an ocean

Our Black Women remain true to us all

How do you love a Black Woman

You love her body, you love her mind

But most importantly

You love her one piece at a time

By: Patrick H. Porter Jr. ©

To read more of Patrick's poems, follow this link to obtain your copy of his book of poetry titled Spirit and Emotions


Natasha said...

Girl, you need to be advertising your blog more!!! Anyhow, I love the poem. Written a man who knows how a Black Woman should be treated. Tell your bro to keep doing his thing.

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

Thank you lady, I will pass the compliment on to him.