Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Movement Has Begun. . .

If have you read my previous post and corresponding comments for "Now What?", then you know that a time has come for us to become more involved in the world we live in. It is time for us to start sticking our noses and two cents (or more) into the doors of political offices. Shecodes of the "Black Women Vote" has acted on the comments posted on her blog and took the initiative to get things going and flowing.

Black women are coming together in a group that she created in Facebook. This group is named "Black Women's Political Exchange". If you don't have a Facebook account, be sure to sign-up for your free account and join this growing group of strong, determined women who will no longer sit still and just accept what is handed to them, their families and their communities. This is a group created not just for discussion, but for a group of women ready to take action.

The following information is taken directly from the "Black Women's Political Exchange" group description that was written by Shecodes (Arlene Fenton):


What do black women want? What do black girls need?

Doesn't it seem that everyone except black women and girls are being asked to weigh in concerning our collective image, our social value, and our economic power?

It's time for us to speak up for ourselves! Let's combine our skills, voices, votes, and economic power to make America a better place for ourselves and our children.

1. Family Integrity. We want healthy, supportive environments in our homes. We want a national climate that is conducive to producing mutually satisfying, loving and equal family dynamics for any black woman who desires to marry and raise a family. We want a plethora of marital options. We want a national climate that is supportive of black women who elect to remain single or childless.

2. Media Integrity. We want to be represented truthfully in media. We want to be the final arbiters of what is an 'accurate' depiction of the average black American woman. We want to be able to own and control our own media outlets.

3. Financial Integrity. We want to be financially empowered to control our own destinies. We want to exercise our full rights as American citizens to create and manage wealth for ourselves and our families.

4. Educational Integrity. We want educational opportunities that will make our children and ourselves intensely competitive in the world's markets. We want fair and balanced educational treatment of our children, and we want to have the final say on what is taught to our children about the black experience in America.

5. Safety. We want freedom from ALL violence. We want to exercise our right to express ourselves, improve ourselves, and BE ourselves without the threat of violent retribution by anyone. We want to be safe in our neighborhoods, in our homes, and on our jobs. Our safety will never be on the negotiating table for any strategy that will be employed by anyone, including that of the black community.

6. Health. We want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and whole. We want to create the the tools and pathways for our total health, without undue resistance from any source. We want a national and local environment that is conducive to maintaining our established physical, mental, and emotional health.

Follow this link to Facebook and create your profile to join this group:

In addition to my regular posts, I will be sure to provide updates on this group's events, plans, discussions, etc. Stay tuned. . .