Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Message to My Father

I'd like to take this moment to wish my father a Happy Father's Day:

I could have NEVER wished for a better daddy than you. I thank God for selecting you for me. I am extremely proud of who you are and what you represent.

Thank you for all of the love, wisdom, encouragement, compliments, discipline and let's not forget patience that you have given me. If I am able to give my children at least half of what you have blessed me with, I know they will be ok.

Thank you for showing me how a man is supposed to love and honor a woman by how you loved and honored mama. Thank you for working as hard as you did to support me and my brother and making sure we had all that we needed and wanted (in most cases - I'm still looking for that Barbie washer and dryer - just teasing).

You were and still are a true role model. You instilled in us the value of maintaining and protecting our integrity. You taught us how to work for what we wanted and to never give up. LOL-you even taught me many medical techniques (that I forced you to learn on the spot) through your frequent need to bandage me up. I always had to learn the hard way.

Thank you for the waffle dinners when mama was out and the numerous tickle fights. Thank you for putting the fear of God in the boyfriends I brought home (leaving your gun on the table may have been a bit much *winks*). I wasn't very thankful at the time, but having my own daughter to raise, I see the value in it.

I love you daddy and will ALWAYS cherish you. You deserve nothing but the best and a life full of happiness.

With a very sincere heart,

Daddy's Little Girl


Barbara Swafford said...

What a beautiful post.

Your daddy must be very proud of you.

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

Thank you Barbara. He is very special to me. I'm truly blessed.