Friday, August 1, 2008

Old School Friday: Motown

Oh man! I'm so late with this one! Sorry people. I have been so busy that I let time slip past me. I'm sure some have noticed a little inactivity here. Let me assure you, I'm not going anywhere. Life is just requiring me to step away for a minute. So, my posts may appear to be few and far between. But, as things clear up, my frequency in posts will increase. HOWEVER, I simply can NOT stay away from OSF! So, count on THAT!

SO, with that said: Motown it is:

Up first we have. . .


I know, I know...I didn't give you ANY warning with that. Sorry 'bout that :)

Ok! One more (because I have to let the ladies represent):

See you next OSF!! Take care!!!


MsMarvalus said...

I like your attitude, Z!

The music is on point over here...excellent choices!

Happy OSF!

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

Thank you Marvalus!! :)

Danielle said...

Discovering a lot of new OSFers this morning.

Great choices.

I was surprised that one who has had my ear this week is on Motown.

Traveling down the road of lives.

Wishing you well.

Modern Musings

Felicity said...

These songs were so great!

Regina said...

Great picks! Sorry I missed you last week!
Have a great weekend!

MrsGrapevine said...

Sorry, I missed this post last week. I didn't mean to skip over you. I'll be back next time...