Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At the Post Office

Dear Misunderstood,

I don’t have to agree with you, your ideas nor your ways. That doesn’t make me any less stronger or wiser than you. It just means that I have a different way of viewing things. I embrace that; I won’t change that. I won’t bend over backwards to walk a path that only fits into your narrow vision. Your spotlight is an instrument that is way too dim to truly see me. I won’t apologize for what I consider to be my strenths as I won’t accuse you for what I consider to be your weaknesses. I release this burden because it is not my burden to carry. It is not my purpose nor is it my mission to seek to please everyone all the time and according to their standards.

I have the right to cry when I want. I have the right to enjoy what I want. I have the right to love what I want. I have the right to hate what I want.

I will not cling to your judgement of me. Your words do not define me nor do they appraise my worth. Only I can define those things with what I say, what I do and how I do it.

You don’t own me. I am not someone or something that has been placed on personal reserve for you or your agenda. I release myself from you and walk freely without fear of failure by your definition. In life and love I renew my license to feel.


Finally Free


suZen said...

Sounds like you have taken your power back - great purging! Renewal of self is all good.

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

Absolutely! I really enjoy doing the At the Post Office posts. They allow me to release emotions that I am feeling, have felt or maybe even a movie or song evoked in me. Either way, it's a release. It's funny, because people that know me personally will ask who I'm referring to. But, I'm not referring to anyone specifically. I would never air dirty laundry that way. Anywho...there I go "purging" again. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.